Hotels are now offering magical ‘mermaid workouts’ to guests and we’re here for it

If you’ve always had a soft spot for The Little Mermaid, then we might just have found the ideal late-summer escape for you.

‘Mermaiding’, the bizarre trend for donning a fishtail and performing aerobic exercises in a swimming pool, was tipped to be a big thing in the world of fitness earlier this year – and now hotels in Japan, Spain and Mexico are going to start offering the workout classes to fans of the mythical underwater creatures.

The hour-long fitness sessions will be led by a professional mermaid (yep, because those exist) and guests will be invited to slip into their very own sparkly mermaid tail, dive into an underwater world and work out fish-style.

Mermaiding (Handout/PA)

The unusual offering comes from, who decided to launch the classes in three of their properties after noticing a growing demand for ‘fintastic workouts’ on holiday. According to the booking site’s research, 46% of travellers want to live the mermaid experience on holiday (yes, really), with some saying they’d actually favour a hotel that offered mermaid fitness classes.

As well as making you feel like a sea goddess, there are actually some pretty great fitness benefits to mermaiding: having your legs bound together and attempting to move through the water is great for the abdominal muscles, engaging the core and shredding belly fat.

Inspired by the movements of the mermaid, the workout utilises body rolls into your swimming routine to help propel you forward – trust us, it’s no easy feat.

Experts say that you can expect higher flexibility in the shoulders, hips and spine too.

Just imagine lounging casually by the pool, cocktail in hand and mermaid tale gloriously outstretched post-workout. It’s definitely worth all that exhausting writhing about just for the ridiculously extra Instagram photo afterwards.

Worth it for the selfie (handout/PA)

The mermaid workouts will launch this September in The Zafiro Palace in Majorca, Kanucha Bay Hotels and Villas in Japan and Camino Real Polanco in Mexico. To book (or simply get envious over the pics of other people frolicking around like mythical mermen and women) visit

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