Honda have made a lawnmower that can do nearly 120mph

Honda have entered the Guinness Book of Records with a lawnmower that can hit 116mph.

And yes, it can cut the grass too.

We are not making this up.

The sleek machine - nicknamed the 'Mean Mower' was designed and built in the UK by Honda (UK)’s British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) partner, Team Dynamics.

The record was broken last month at a test track in Tarragona, Spain, with the Mean Mower drivin by Top Gear magazine writer Piers Ward.

Piers broke his own previous record of 87mph, set in May 2010.

To meet Guinness World Records regulations the mower had to record the same run, in both directions, within an hour – with the average speed taken of these two runs.

Additionally, to qualify for the record it needed to cut grass and to look like a lawnmower - so engineers modified at Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor with a custom fibreglass cutter deck and the grass bag also housing the fuel tank, a high capacity oil cooler and a secondary water cooling radiator.

A 1000cc engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm was used, along with a bespoke suspension and wheels from an ATV.

"The result of this remarkable feat of engineering is a lawnmower set up and geared to achieve a top speed in excess of 209km/h (130mph), weighing just 140kg, producing 96Nm of torque, an incredible PTW ratio of 532bhp/tonne; and an estimated 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just four seconds," said Honda.

We want one.

By Conor Hallahan

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