Here’s what the internet have been saying about Bono's appearance in the Daíl

By Anna O'Donoghue

Bono made an appearance in the Dáil chamber today and it has baffled a few people.

The U2 frontman was in attendance to hear United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi speak as part of the centenary celebrations, #Dail100.

In Pelosi’s address to TDs, senators and former politicians, she deemed Bono “one of Ireland’s beloved exports” and praised him for his music and advocacy work.

Her statement received a round of applause and a nod to the singer, who bowed from the public gallery, where he sat with his wife Ali Hewson.

She went on to recall a concert he played around the time the Good Friday Agreement was signed and pointed out the children that were born in that time have only known a peaceful country.

Although she went on to discuss the relationship between Ireland and the US, Brexit and Climate Change, Twitter users continued to be baffled by Bono’s presence.

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