Here’s what people would change if they had one-day admin access to the universe

Everyone’s had one of those moments where you wish you could hack the universe to get something you really want.

Reddit user goeric asked people on the website what little things they would change if they got “admin access” to the universe for just one day, and some answers are very enviable.

Here are 11 answers you’ll probably wish were true in real life.

1. You could use your powers to hack junk food…

2. Or cause complete romantic chaos.

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3. Man’s best friend could be a friend for life.

4. This person would cut out small talk.

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5. You could treat it like a game of The Sims and give yourself infinite wealth?

6. Or unlock space travel?

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7. Get rid of horrible pests with your admin access.

8. This person would make sloths speedy.

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9. This person has all the answers.

10. This absolutely terrifying proposition.

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11. Lastly, this sneaky person would cheat the system entirely.

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