Here’s how you can help a guy with no friends make his 21st extra special

Your 21st birthday is one of life's staple moments - the day you traditionally get the ‘key to the door’ and celebrate with friends and family.

James Weir, who has autism, is set to reach the milestone on November 30.

To celebrate his sister Lucy has taken to Facebook asking for people to surprise James by sending him a birthday card or message, as he finds it difficult to socialise and make friends.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News Lucy said, “He gets anxious in social situations and finds it hard to communicate effectively with others. Sadly, James has no friends and it breaks our hearts”.

“I’ve decided to do this because he’s my little brother and it breaks my heart everyday the fact he has no friends and that’s what he wants so much; along with a girlfriend! He is a very lonely individual because he has no friends, which is really sad.

“He will be over the moon with all this attention, I can see him smiling for days. Especially being in a local newspaper as he’s always wanted to do something to go viral!”

If you want to send James a card for his big day, you can address it to:

(He really likes Dinosaurs, the Titanic and Astronomy)

James Weir

c/o Waring and Co

Churchgate House




United Kingdom


Messages can also be emailed to Lucy to print out at

By Anna O'Donoghue

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