Here’s how Michael Healy-Rae reacted to the drone sighting at Dublin Airport

By Anna O'Donoghue

Yesterday, flights were suspended at Dublin Airport for 30 minutes after a drone was sighted by a pilot. During the suspension, three flights were diverted – two to Belfast and one to Shannon.

It follows similar incidents at Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the UK which resulted in flight cancellations and delays for thousands of passengers.

Of course, there was quite the reaction over the various social media platforms but Michael Healy-Rae’s had to be the most Irish we have seen in a long while.

Retweeting a slow-motion video of himself clay-pigeon shooting, the TD wrote:

“I know what I’d do with the Drone flying around Dublin airport!!”

"Good man Michael, only one up there with a bit of common sense #dronehunter," one Twitter user replied.

While another added: "There's the right man to start Dingle Regatta!"

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