Here are the breathtaking pictures that won the Underwater Photographer Of The Year competition

UPY London has revealed the winners of 2016′s Underwater Photographer Of The Year competition.

Showcasing some of the most stunning images captured beneath the depths in the UK and around the world, the annual competition receives thousands of entries from talented photographers.

“Selecting the winners is enjoyable, but also pressured,” said Alex Mustard, this year’s chair of the jury. “We’re all well aware that nobody’s work is judged as meticulously as the judges!”

Here are the award-winning images that made the final cut.

Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2016

‘Gold’ by Davide Lopresti from Italy (Davide Lopresti)

This photo also took the honours in the macro category.

British Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2016

‘Catshark Supernova’ by Dan Bolt from the UK (Dan Bolt)

Also winner of the British Waters Macro category.

Up And Coming Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2016

‘Three Pillars – Practice, Patience & Luck!’ by Pier Mane from South Africa (Pier Mane)

Most Promising British Underwater Photographer 2016

‘Fired up and almost ready to go’ by Marty Engels Dunmore from the UK (Marty Engels Dunmore)

Here are the winners from specific categories.

Wide Angle

‘Underwater fisherman’ by Mike Korostelev from Russia (Mike Korostelev)


‘A Family Affair…’ by Thomas Heckmann from Germany (Thomas Heckmann)


‘Turtle eating Jellyfish’ by Richard Carey from Thailand (Richard Carey)

British Waters Wide Angle

‘Part of the Illusion’ by Marcus Blatchford from the UK (Marcus Blatchford)

British Waters Compact

‘Hello Ducky!’ by Paul Colley from the UK (Paul Colley)

And here are some spectacular shots that were shortlisted.

In the Up And Coming category…

‘Bass’ by Oliver Anlauf (Germany)

(Oliver Anlauf)

‘The Majestic Purple Dame’ by Pier Mane (South Africa)

(Pier Mane)

In the Wide Angle category…

‘Seven’ by Mathieu Foulquié (France)

(Mathieu Foulquie)

‘Blue ballet’ by Damien Mauric (UK)

(Damien Mauric)

‘Icebreaker’ by Tobias Friedrich (Deutschland)

(Tobias Friedrich)

‘Beach Guardians’ by Alejandro Prieto (Mexico)

(Alejandro Prieto)

In the Macro category…

‘Lightning’ by Adriano Morettin (Italy)

(Adriano Morettin)

‘Pelagic Octopus at Night’ by Helen Brierley (US)

(Helen Brierley)

‘The odd couple’ by Gianni Colucci (Italia)

(Gianni Colucci)

‘Timeless Moment!’ by Behnaz Afsahi (Canada)

(Behnaz Afsahi)

‘Goby on a Sea Pen’ by Ross Gudgeon (Australia)

(Ross Gudgeon)

In the Wrecks category…

‘The Tank’ by Saeed Rashid (United Kingdom)

(Saeed Rashid)

In the Behaviour category…

‘What Feeds Beneath’ by Alejandro Prieto (Mexico)

(Alejandro Prieto)

In the British Waters Compact category…

‘Pike on the move’ by Trevor Rees (UK)

(Trevor Rees)

‘Tompot looking out’ by Trevor Rees (UK)

(Trevor Rees)

In the British Waters Macro category…

‘Intruder beware’ by Cathy Lewis (UK)

(Cathy Lewis)

‘Planktonic Predator’ by George Stoyle (UK)

(George Stoyle)

In the British Waters Wide Angle category…

‘Pike in quarry’ by Trevor Rees (UK)

(Trevor Rees)

‘Elan valley trout in winter’ by Trevor Rees (UK)

(Trevor Rees)


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