Here are all the best Joe Biden memes to truly brighten your day

When times are tough, the tough start looking at memes to cheer themselves up.

And no one has made a greater contribution to the meme economy than vice president Joe Biden: the real MVP.

Ever since Trump’s victory became clear, we all realised this was the beginning of the end for the dynamic duo Obama and Biden in the White House.

Whilst this is a truly sad prospect, Biden was thankfully on hand in meme-form to help us through.

Biden has helped us grapple the politics of the election.

He brings some top banter of how to leave the White House for their predecessors.

He keeps it real about Trump while Obama is trying to remain presidential.

And he reminded us of the truly bromantic relationship he and the incumbent president have.

We always knew that a huge part of the job was creating glorious memes for us to enjoy.

We really hope he does.


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