Have you seen that ’wedding afters’ video taking the web by storm

The “Rattlin Bog” clip started off as a simple sing-song at 5am in the ‘after’s’ of the wedding of Patrice O’Connor and Donagh Davern in Kilshane House, Co Tipperary on October 30 this year.

Patrice comes from a family embedded in music and it was therefore no surprise that a sing-song started after the wedding.

However, what has happened since has been phenomenal, as the video of Patrice’s sister Clodagh McCarthy singing, with Patrice harmonizing, has gone viral.

Both Codagh and Patrice have revealed how they have been receiving comments from all around the world challenging others to learn the many verses of the song for their own upcoming nuptials.

Patrice also revealed today how they have been blown away at the positive response.

"We had a fantastic day and to think that our family sing-song at 5am has now gone viral is amazing. I was out in company over Christmas where people recognized me as the bride in the rattlin bog video which was hilarious. 

"Many have also commented on the connection between myself, my sister Clodagh and my brother Ronán in the video and how we combine to create this piece. We have been singing together since we were very young, so I guess it’s just second nature to us.”

- Digital desk

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