Have you ever seen a cat react this enthusiastically to a reunion with its owner?

It’s so often the case that cats don’t give you so much as a ‘hello’ in the morning, so to get a reaction like this is something special.

The cat in question is Ash, a six-month-old moggy who belongs to Ryan, 27, from Neptune Beach, Florida.

Ryan had left Ash with his parents for two days while he was out of town, but Ash’s reaction when Ryan came to collect him suggested it had been a lot longer.

I picked my cat up from my parents today after a 2 day vacation from aww

It looks like he wants to say hello, Ryan.

“I went out of town and my parents were babysitting the cat,” said Ryan. “I was only gone for two days.

“After I opened the door he rolled over on his back and acted like he actually cared about being loved for a total of 20 seconds, very long for a cat.”

After that, Ash was presumably back to ignoring everyone as much as possible, like most cats, but for 20 seconds he gave a glimpse of the cat within. And it was magnificent.

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