Harlem Shake – the internet craze that won't go away

It's the internet craze that just refuses to die – now even machines and animals are getting in on the act.

This video might have over a million views, but we think this one has way more personality:

The staff at Seaworld in San Antonio have come up with the best one in recent days. This walrus has certainly got the moves, even if he needs a bit of encouragement after a while.

Of course, the backlash has begun in earnest, and the guys at Cyanide and Happiness aren’t known for pulling any punches with this one (careful, not quite safe for work).

But what about the guy who created this particular monster – what does he think about the whole thing?

Well, he’s pretty pleased apparently.

“The videos were definitely a surprise, but im stoked that so many people are listening to and enjoying my tunes :)” said US producer Baauer in a Reddit Q&A session today.

And why wouldn’t he be? With a new month-long tour coming up, it sure won’t do his ticket sales any harm.

“The viral craze was something totally out of my control. I see it really positively. At the end of the day lots of new people are listening to my music. Im hoping that my music will speak for itself.”

So what are his favourite versions? Well, you can’t really argue name-checking this one by UGA Men's Swim & Dive Team.

But the T-Pain version? Seriously? Maybe he’s hoping to be part of an even bigger tour, eh?

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