Hanoi barber offering complimentary Trump and Kim Jong Un hairstyles

A Hanoi barber is offering complimentary Trump and Kin Jong Un hairstyles in anticipation of the summit between the US President and North Korean leader.

Tuan Duong Beauty Academy is running the promotion to February 28 as thousands of officials and journalists descend on the Vietnamese capital for the second summit between Trump and Kim since their historic first meeting in Singapore last June.

Owner of the salon, Le Tuan Duong told Reuters that he was "doing this for fun but was surprised how many people have responded".

“I love peace. I hate war so much. So many people in my family have died, so I support this summit very much,” said Duong, who lost two of his uncles during the Vietnam War.

Although warmly welcomed by some, certain publicity stunts such as this at the expense of the North Korean leadership have the potential to be frowned upon.

In 2014, officials from the North Korean embassy in London complained to a barber who had used the phrase “Bad Hair Day?” under a photograph of the portly Kim to offer discounts on haircuts.

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