Hairdresser shares a shocking reminder of why you should never stick a pen in your hair

If you’ve ever stuck a pen in your hair to keep it close to hand (or to keep a bun in place), you’re probably going to rethink that practice when you see this.

Hair stylist Kelly O’Leary-Woodford shared a photo on Instagram of a client named Daphne who did just that and ended up with a huge ink stain on her platinum blonde hair.

“One week before my client’s wedding, her pen that was in her ponytail burst,” she posted alongside the picture, which shows a bright blue patch underneath Daphne’s ponytail.

The post was met with shock by other Instagram users, some of whom couldn’t understand why anyone would keep a pen in their hair.

But O’Leary-Woodford clarified: “She works in the service industry. I’ve seen people do it all the time.”

Danielle.jpeg_ commented: “I’ve definitely secured a bun with a pen or a pencil more times than I can count so that’s scary!”

A lot of people said they liked the colour and that bride-to-be should have kept it as her ‘something blue’ for her wedding or dyed her whole head the same shade, but O’Leary-Woodford confirmed that Daphne had successfully removed the ink herself with hair lightener.

If you should find yourself pondering the question, ‘How do I get ink out of my hair?’, you can buy lightener in pharmacies, but we suggest consulting a hairdresser before attempting anything at home, because you might end up bleaching more than you bargained for.

Alternatively, you could follow the suggestions that other commenters offered on Instagram for ink removal.

“I don’t know about on hair, but I’ve washed pen ink out of fabric by bombing it with hairspray, scrubbing it in, then washing it with hot water,” posted Maddiecaffeinated.

While Sweetraiyne confirmed that this method does indeed work on hair: “Apply hairspray to her hair and to continue to repeat and rinse it out until all the ink is gone.”

#Goldenretreiver #inkstain. so,… who got into the dr.martins concentrated turquoise ink ?

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“This happend to me one time last year, because I always do my hair with pens or pencils,” posted Thresela. “When my hair was stained with pen ink, I was a little desperate and soaked my hair in hair oil, afterwards I washed it two times with purifying shampoo and everything came out perfectly.”

So there you have it, several solutions for any inky accident.

The good news is Daphne (aka Dee_vious1 on Instagram) has learnt her lesson and definitely sees the funny side: “I will never ever put a pen in my hair ever ever again,” she posted under the photo. “And I spread my wisdom when I see others who are. Lol.”

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