Guest asks for strange request at Kilkenny hotel and the legends come through

Ireland, where the hills are green, the Guinness is good and hotels give you a framed picture of Christopher Walken by your bed.

Well, Pembroke Hotel in County Kilkenny will do, if you ask - let us explain.

Cork native, Daniel Buckley was travelling to Kilkenny with a friend recently and as they were booking a room, they decided to fill in the ‘special requests’ section with something strangely specific.

“We would like a FRAMED picture of Christopher Walken (signed if possible) from Pulp Fiction,” he mischievously wrote.

“My father was an assistant to Mr Walken for this film and this was his greatest accomplishment. We would like to be reminded of this”.

Sure enough when he arrived at the hotel, there it was.

They even managed to have it signed!

(Ok, we’re aware this signature could be forged but impressive still.)

You can’t bate Irish hospitality, fair play lads!

By Anna O'Donoghue

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