Google: We did not kill that donkey

Search giant Google has denied responsibility for the death of a donkey in Botswana.

Yes, really.

The company was forced to issue the denial after a still image captured from Google Maps Street View led to speculation that the Street View car had struck and killed the animal on a dirt road in the remote Kweneng region of the southern African nation.

(Image: Google)

The image caught the imagination of social media, being retweeted hundreds of times.

But Google have fervently denied that the donkey was even harmed, saying in a statement (titled 'never ass-ume') that the image was taken with a forward-facing camera, and the donkey was rolling about in the road "having a dust bath" as the car approached.

And, if you have a play around with Google Street View, it appears to support their defence - swivelling the camera angle 360 degrees reveals the donkey standing the road, unharmed, as the innocent Street View car continues on its merry way (try it, it works).

Phew. We're glad that's cleared up.

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