Good people of the internet donate $25k for brass pipe attack victim Jessica Byrnes

Here’s a story that might help to restore your faith in humanity: a donations page for 18-year-old victim of an attack which left her needing surgery has raised more than $25,000 in her aid.

On July 26, Jessica Byrnes was attacked as she sat in the car after spending a fun afternoon with her boyfriend, Jared Pelletier

The young couple popped into a petrol station to pick up some cigarettes. Jessica’s boyfriend entered the shop while she sat waiting in the car, still wearing her bikini.

While Jared was inside, a group of men surrounded their car and began sexually harassing Jessica, until her boyfriend came out of the store and confronted the men. A fight broke out and Jared found himself fighting off an entire group of men, single handedly.

As the couple attempted to flee the scene, one man threw a brass pipe through the passenger window, which hit Jessica in the face. 12 of her front teeth were broken or damaged, her top lip was ripped and her lower lip endured a deep gash.

Following the horrific accident, Jessica needs at least four tooth implants, costing $2,000 (£1,300) each. She will also require plastic surgery on her lips.

A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for her surgery has raised  a whopping $25,767 (£16,665) as we write this, of a target $25,000 (£16,169). A total of 806 people have donated over the last 10 days.


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