Golfers caught on video engaging in the silliest fight you’re likely to see

While taking in a round of golf last Sunday, Justin Abrams filmed one of the strangest on course incidents you’ll ever see.

Abrams was overlooking the 18th hole at the Fossil Trace Golf Club in Colorado, when he witnessed a fight break out between two groups of golfers on the last.

It appears the group behind had hit a ball right into the players in front and it sparked a physical confrontation between the golfer in the pink shirt and another one in light blue.

The duo come to blows after the man in pink lands a cheap shot and they mix in some impressive jabs with a few wild swings.

To make matters more bizarre, the fight then comes to an end with a sudden handshake.

This is really anything but the gentlemen’s game…

It is not known what happened when the groups made it into the 19th hole.

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By Shaun Cronin

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