Girl takes $1.5k selfie on a baseball pitch run

(Imgur / Reddit)

How much is an amazing photo and instant internet fame worth - about $1,500 in fines?

That's how much it costs to be caught running on to the baseball pitch at the College World Series stateside, like the Hill sisters were. But it was glorious while it lasted.

Emily, Kayleigh and Torrie sprinted across the field before being tackled by security, with Kayleigh - in a stroke of genius - recording their outfield sprint on six-second video service Vine.

All three girls have now made their Twitter accounts private, but not before the internet captured this amazing GIF of the video:

Spectators at the UCLA - Mississippi State game managed to capture some great angles on the adventure, too.

In fairness, one of the best self-snaps ever is $1,500 (€1,150) well spent.

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