'Get your arse out, mate!’: Undercover reporter turns tables on sexism

By Shaun Cronin

Guardian reporter Leah Green took to the streets of London to see how men react to chauvinistic taunts usually aimed at women.

Her goal was to show that the sexist comments targeted at women should not be part of everyday life.

Driving around in a typical builders-style van, Leah sounds the horn at passing guys and shouts stuff like “Alright sexy” and “Nice arms, bruv”.

She then makes guys quickly shy away by asking them to come home with her and even asks one unsuspecting barman for a lap dance.

The Guardian reports that Leah’s comments are based on real remarks made by men to women according to the @EverydaySexism Twitter account.

Leah, to her credit, plays her part impeccably and may have raised some much-needed awareness along the way.

Hat tip: The Guardian

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