Gardaí pulled over a UFO in Wexford

A Wexford town had the honour of making contact with aliens over the weekend when a small UFO was spotted in broad daylight.

Technically, it was more driving than flying but it was still quite a sight for the people of Gorey as it made its way down the town.

What do they want? Where are they from?

And the Guards took an interest too, engaging it in a not exactly high-speed chase through the streets before pulling it over for a chat and presumably to ask for license and registration.

Ali Kemal Ali/Facebook

The piece was the brainchild of artist Ali Kemal Ali from the Third Space Pop Up Art Show which took place over the weekend at Gorey Park.

He says the Gardaí "loved it."

"I thought how can I attract a bit more interest, so I thought I'll go and ask the guards," the 53-year-old said. "I asked can they give me a police escort with my UFO."

"How often do you go into a police station and ask for something like this - it's always doom and gloom. They saw the funny side of it."

What do you think insurance is like on that thing?

By Ciara Flaherty

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