‘Gardaí’ issue warning on a variety of different halloween costumes

Before you even think about it, we strongly advise that you step away from that Jack Sparrow costume this halloween or scratch that Where’s Wally gang idea out of the group chat.

Why you ask?

The ‘Gardaí’ have issued a warning today on a variety of different halloween costumes including those mentioned above.

The decision to clamp down on “naff, cringe and try hard” costumes has been rumoured for a few years now but thankfully the lads over at Foil, Arms and Hog got things on the move today.

They even partnered up with the ‘Irish Coast Guard’ to examine a shipment of “shite costumes” that recently entered the country.

Don’t risk it, lads - you've been warned.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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