Footage shows gardeners using leaf blowers despite Storm Ali’s strong winds

Storm Ali has brought with it winds of over 140 km/h in some areas, but some intrepid gardeners appear to still want to add a little gust of their own.

Footage shows two separate people using leaf blowers, despite being surrounded by trees visibly shaken by the storm’s strong winds.

The first dedicated gardener was filmed in Chapelizod, Dublin.

“He was very seriously gathering leaves in the storm,” cameraman @dublinmacker wrote on Twitter. “I saw no sign of divilment in his face. Nothing hinders the maintenance dept.”

A second clip, from Poppintree, shows someone in a hi-visibility jacket showing similar levels of leaf-clearing commitment.

Whether or not the diligent workers were merely sticking to what had been asked of them or choosing the unenviable task isn’t clear – but there’s certainly been easier days to clear fallen leaves.

Ali has caused disruptions and raised weather warnings, even claiming the life of one woman in Claddaghduff, Co Galway after her caravan was blown off a cliff.

Meanwhile, Dublin Airport said it has had 42 cancellations and eight diversions.

- Press Association

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