Footage emerges of passenger sprinting across tarmac in attempt to catch departing Ryanair flight

A member of the ground staff has captured a shocking security breach at Madrid airport on film.

The incident, which took place last Friday, shows footage of a passenger at Madrid’s Barajas Airport leaping from an air bridge onto the tarmac after somehow getting through security.

The man - reportedly a Bolivian national - can then be seen running across the tarmac towards a Ryanair plane which he believes he’d missed to the Canary Islands, all this takes after the plane had already begun its push-back.

The alarm was raised and eventually the passenger was detained by airport staff before putting himself or anyone else in anymore danger.

* If you can’t see the Facebook embed, you can view it here.

What makes the incident even more shocking is the fact that Spain is currently sitting on its second highest anti-terror alert level.

Speaking to the Guardian a spokesman for Aena – a public body that operates most of Spain’s airports – confirmed the passenger used extreme measures to break onto the tarmac, however the spokesman also said that terrorism was in no way a factor in the incident.

“The passenger had reached the gate with his boarding pass,” said the Aena spokesman.

“He broke through a fire escape, the doors opened and he got out that way.

“This person had cleared security and had no terrorist motivations. He was never suspected of being a terrorist.”

Despite his actions the man was somehow not arrested by the Guardia Civil at the time. He even refused to wait for the police after being told to do so by airport staff.

To make matters worse he still, almost unbelievably, made it onto the flight he was thought he was trying to reach in the first place.

“It seems that he got on to the tarmac because he’d missed his flight but the plane he was trying to get on wasn’t his,” said a spokeswoman.

“When he realised that, he got on the flight to Gran Canaria.”

Further reports from Spain suggest the man was later detained at his destination and could face a large fine for his actions.

Ryanair have told the media that the incident is a matter for the Madrid police.


By Shaun Cronin

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