Food served on tennis rackets and in shoes: 13 of the most ridiculous plate substitutes around

Been passed your fries in a watering can, or served soup on a slate? The trend for weird and wacky serving styles has increased in peculiarity in recent years, with wooden boards becoming a certifiable staple in a lot of restaurants.

But, it turns out diners still just love a round plate. In fact, according to a YouGov poll in the UK, while 69% of respondents didn’t have too much of a problem with meals dished up on slates, and 64% liked dinner on a wooden board, 99% still preferred a good old round plate.

Food writer and editor William Sitwell told the Daily Telegraph: “Square and rectangular plates are an abomination. Food should be served on round plates and not a right angle in sight.

“A square plate is at odds with nature. Mother Nature produces ingredients that are many shapes – including round, but never square.”

So here are a few serving styles Mother Nature would definitely not be happy about…

1. Afternoon tea on a tennis racket anyone?


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2. Pudding in a trowel makes perfect sense…

3. Pop the lid on and that’s breakfast to go sorted 

4. You can’t beat chips in a plant pot

5. Well, if the dog wasn’t using it…

6. Lost a shoe? Fill the remaining one with tempura so it doesn’t feel lonely

7. Cocktail in a Pot Noodle? Now that’s some serious recycling


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8. Why not present a lovely summer salad in your nan’s old jelly moulds?

9. There’s no better place for butter than on a rock

10. A mini picnic bench! Adorable!

11. Who knew egg boxes made such handy lunch boxes?!

12. Might as well start hanging meat up with the washing then

13. Mmmm, just shovel it down!


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