Fleeting romantic moments captured on Irish 'missed connections' list

It’s a moment across a crowded pub, or while you wait for your plane, and you should have said hi. It really could have led somewhere, couldn’t it?

Well, some romantic souls aren’t happy to live with the regret, dammit, and have taken to Craigslist’s “missed connections” pages – yep, Ireland’s got a page - to re-connect with the ones who got away.

Ok, some posters are perhaps a touch too vague to re-connect, like this one to “girl in Jervis”:

“I was in the jervis on Friday and I seen you upstairs and then we looked straight at each other downstairs..We didn't speak. I hope to hear from you”

It’s just that it’s the internet, you know? Lots of people reading…

And this one from the Bartender pub in Dundalk

“This is a long shot- we were two guys sitting in the back end of the Bar..We kept making eye contact through the nite. We left to go to another pub and felt that we were getting the "signal" from you. If you see this and want to progress it further, please reply to this message.”

Thousands of guys, looking at thousands of girls, gazillions of eye contacts…Details man, they’re going to need details.

However, there’s more hope for others, and by the way, it turns out that airports and planes are seething with human missed connections (yes, it’s ironic).

Looky here:

“Tall, sweet air hostess coming in today morning (Dublin airport)

"Hi, You were the air hostess in the flight coming in today morning into Dublin. I was sitting in the first seat across the aisle from you. You are beautiful, tall and have a sweet smile !

"I am tall, dark and will be whatever else you want me to be. (Us: Apols for butting in, but don’t say that. Never, ever say that.)

"As we were leaving the flight, I saw someone else trying to hit you up and you engaging in some polite conversation, and towards the end you smiled looking at me. Almost took my breath away !

"I saw you as we were leaving the airport but I wasn't sure if you were really keen on saying Hi! again, so I didn't ! (STUPID!) (US: no you’re not, don’t be mean to yourself in your own head, for god’s sake. You’ll never get a woman that way.)

"I would LOVE to say Hi! again to you - if you are interested, please let me know. I am staying just outside Dublin but may be coming in later today. Email me ASAP and I am sure we can meet. M."

Good luck M!

And this one:

“You were alone in Munich Airport waiting to fly to Dublin at 11.20 , flight was delayed, you had a brown leather shoulder bag, you looked so cute & I sat opposite you hoping we could make eye contact. When we got to Dublin , you went with two girls to collect your bag. If your interested in meeting up , get in touch.”

‘I should have let you help me with the map’

This is more like it for detail, but ohhh, the regret…

"Killian - met in restaurant in Montmartre

"We met in a restaurant in paris in May. You were with a couple who were Irish and French. I think they're names are Mary Margaret and Anthony. I do know that you work for Prudential.

"I should have let you help me with the map, perhaps then I would know more than just your first name. I live in Minneapolis but hope to be in Dublin in August. Perhaps?"

Another poster is looking for a “beautiful Navan Chiro”, because “I have a bit of explaining to do” Yikes.

And this, finally, we really liked:

“Monica's Friend - m4w - 28 (Dublin)

“You and your friend Monica were at Murrays pub by my hotel. I was the American that bought you another round before you left. It was a shame you had to leave so early. You are the prettiest girl I've seen that was chill. The night had soo much potential, its a shame you left!

“Thanks for the conversation. If you see this please respond. I'd love another night out with you ;)”

Good luck to you all, you brave romantic souls.

Here’s a Jimmy Kimmel/Alison Brie interpretation of some US missed connections:

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