Flappy Bird - in a box

Lots of people got in a bit of a flap (sorry) earlier this month after the creator of insanely-difficult-and-addictive mobile game Flappy Bird pulled the plug on the app.

In the vacuum that remained after the game was pulled from app stores, many developers rushed to created clones - but this one, by product designer, entrepreneur and Harvard grad Fawn Qiu, is a little different.

Check out 'Flappy Bird in a Box' - which employs sensors and motors to power a scrolling background (in an actual box), and two controllers to mimic the app's gameplay. And if you lose, the lid of the box falls shut to the sound of a 'game over' jingle.


"I think creating a physical game makes the playing experience more approachable," clever cookie Qiu, who works as a product developer for the folks behind Sesame Street, told CNET.

"It's no longer just one player and the phone, but people around you are also aware of the game, which invites collaboration and curiosity.

"Each win and loss is more dramatic, surprising, and exciting."

By Conor Hallahan

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