Five-year-old steals the limelight as journalist father questions Nicola Sturgeon

A journalist was interrupted by his young daughter when he tried to ask Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a question on childcare responsibilities during the pandemic.

Chris Musson, the political editor of the Scottish Sun, was asking Ms Sturgeon about the possibility of mothers being forced out of work due to having to look after their children.

During his questioning via video-link from his home, the journalist’s five-year-old daughter appeared over his right shoulder.

The intervention raised a smile from the First Minister, which then turned to laughter when the youngster switched sides and temporarily managed to get between her father and the camera.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Chris, I think you should let the other person in the room there ask a question.”

She added: “Can I say that you are, as a man, taking your fair share of the childcare there, so well done for that.”

The First Minister also made an attempt to greet the intruder, but was met with silence, before thanking the journalist and his “able helper” for the question.

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