Five reasons to be happy on ‘Blue Monday’

So while the person on your left might be sinking into low moods because he saw something in the paper that told him to be down in the dumps, here are five reasons to be happy today.

1 Barack Obama is being sworn in for a second term later

Granted, the US remains deeply divided but the overwhelming support from Europe for the democrat candidate during last year’s election indicates that on this side of the world, we’re delighted to see him start his second term.

Yesterday, he took the oath of office in a private ceremony.

And, somewhat aptly, it’s Martin Luther King Day too.

2 It’s snowing

Right, we know there are some people out there who are anti-snow, but there’s still something lovely about waking up and opening your curtains to white capped roofs.

Plus, does the weather not make it a White Monday?

3 At least you’re not the owner of this car

Don’t forget, it could always be worse.

(Source: Blameitonthevoices)

4 Science proves Blue Monday is nonsense

Who can argue against science? You can try, but the chances are you will not be able to win. Science always wins. Always.

This brilliant blog post by Dean Burnett, on, not only rubbishes the idea of ‘Blue Monday’, but takes an interesting swipe at the creator of the theory, Dr Cliff Arnall.

Burnett writes: “It was created by Dr Cliff Arnall, who often presents himself as a Cardiff University psychologist. I say "presents himself", but I'm not saying he isn't one. Granted, I worked at the Cardiff University psychology department for over five years, and nobody there had ever heard of him, and also the university outreach group have complained several times about having to repeatedly tell enquirers that he's nothing to do with the university (though apparently he worked there as a part-time tutor until February 2006). But I'm not saying he isn't what he says he is.”

5 Your cute animal picture of the day

Now we couldn’t leave you go without a daily fat cat snap. What must they be feeding him?

(Source: Cuteoverload)

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