Fishing boat narrowly avoids being run down by larger boat off West Cork coast

It was a close call for the crew of a small fishing boat in West Cork recently when a much larger boat steamrollered passed them with just a whisker of space keeping them safe.

The crew of the inshore potter Celtic Dawn were hauling pots off the West Cork coast when a Spanish vessel approached at a rapid pace and did not appear to see the little fishing boat at work.

The Castletownbere crew were saved by a matter of metres, and the captain of the fishing boat was non-too-impressed by the encounter.

The crew believe the Spanish boat had no one on watch or a crewman had fallen asleep at the helm.

In the video you can hear someone quickly cut a call as they watch the large vessel creep closer and closer at speed.

A lucky escape for all involved!


By Roisin Burke

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