First came The Fly, now Bono's the spider

What has eight legs, is hairy and lives in a hole in the ground? Bono, apparently.

They've named a what after me? Bono at the Lincoln premiere this week (Picture: PA)

The U2 frontman has received the honour of having a newly-discovered species of spider named after him in the US - a sub-species of the trapdoor spider, arachnid fans.

Bono? Spiders? What's the connection?

No, it has nothing to do with Bono's The Fly alter-ego, or the controversial U2-backed Spider-man musical Turn Off The Dark (which is still going on Broadway).

Rather, it's a nod to U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree, as the spider was one of three new species discovered in California’s Joshua Tree National Park, according to the Riverside-Press Enterprise.

Scientist Jason Bond of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History in Alabama named the spider - one of 33 new species identifed - A Bonoi in honour of the Dublin crooner.

A trapdoor spider, that isn't named after Bono. (Source: Johan C.G. Fagerholm)

In fact, Bond has a fondness for celebrity names, having previously christened new spider species in honour of stars including Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie and Neil Young, amongst others.

“We’ve been describing things for 250 years, almost two million species," Bond told the Press-Enterprise.

"There’s seven to 15 times as many species out there left to describe.”

Bono's spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

Five more celebrities with creepy-crawlies named after them:

1. HUGH HEFNER: The Playboy impresario has a bunny rabbit named in his honour.

2. BARACK OBAMA: The newly inaugurated US president has given his name to a species of lichen, of all things.

3. BEYONCÉ: A bootylicious horseful has been named after the pop diva.

4. STING: A Colombian tree frog was named in recognition of Sting's extensive work for the rainforest.

5. DR SHELDON COOPER: The star of hit US comedy The Big Bang Theory has had a Brazilian Orchid Bee named after his popular catchphrase, "Bazinga".

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