Filmmaker gets 20 complete strangers to kiss for the first time

We have to admit, we watched parts of this through our fingers.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva brings together 10 couples - boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls - and films their first kiss.

None of the people have ever met each other before.

The results oscillate between toe-curling awkwardness ("what was your name again?") and undoubted sweetness as the newly-introduced pairs lock lips to a romantic, sweeping soundtrack.

Some of the smooches (1:46 guy, we're looking at you) are a little awkward.

Some of them are a little sweet (2:13, take a bow).

And some of the couples get a little carried away (1:59 and 2.09 - guys, get a room!)

We'd love to know how many of the couples went out for a drink afterwards… and then, you know…


By Conor Hallahan

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