Feeling chilly? Warm up with these pictures of the sweltering heat in Australia

If you’re basically anywhere in the northern hemisphere right now, there’s a high chance you’re sitting reading this wearing approximately two jumpers, a coat and three pairs of socks – or something like that.

However, if you’re in Australia it’s likely that the only thing you’re even considering putting on is your swimming costume.

That’s right, while people here are freezing their behinds off, Sydney has sweltered through the city’s second hottest night on record and its hottest December night in 148 years.

The Australian Bureau of Meterology said that a minimum of 27.1C was recorded early on Wednesday morning, with temperatures soaring to up to 38 degrees in the day.

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Sounds hot, but people in Sydney seemed to be absolutely lapping up the sunshine.

Already missing these chicas

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People took to the water in an attempt to cool off.

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Others are dealing with the heat in the most Aussie way possible: with a few bevvies.

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Designated drivers were going for the equally fun option: ice lollies.

Best decision ever 🍦 #hotashell

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We all know that Aussies are health and fitness nuts, but we’re just not sure how some of them are still managing to exercise in the 38-degree heat.

Seriously, does anything look better than a Sydney beach in the sunshine?

That being said, there are some people who think it’s just a bit too hot to handle.

And sure, the heat might be edging on to the slightly unbearable side of things, but at least Aussies aren’t currently wearing a coat and hat indoors.

Excuse us while we go make a cup of tea and try to pretend it’s a beer in the sunshine.


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