Father Ted creator reveals the musical ‘Pope Ted’ is nearly finished

By Kyle Lehane
Digital Desk intern

Father Ted co-creator Arthur Matthews has said that the first draft script for the highly anticipated, Pope Ted, has been written.

Speaking to Today FM’s Mario Rosenstock on Mario’s Sunday Roast, Matthews confirmed that the musical is closer to becoming a reality, adding that “most of the music is done”.

Ever since the news was announced back in June that a Father Ted musical was on the way, fans have been speculating on when it will hit theatres.

When asked if he was excited for the upcoming musical, Matthews told Mario: “Yeah of course, it should be good. I like musicals. I loved doing ‘I, Keano’”

Asked about the long-running rumour that RTÉ rejected first scripts for Father Ted, Matthews quashed the myth once and for all by saying: “We didn’t take it to RTÉ, just for the reason that they didn’t make much comedy and we were in London at the time.”

Matthews said that the idea for turning ‘Father Ted’ into a sitcom came from Geoffrey Perkins of Hat Trick Productions, and that the first script was originally a one-off mockumentary.

Safe to say, we can’t wait to see if this project will live up to hype or not.

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