Everything you need to know about Amena Khan, a hijab-wearing model for L’Oréal hair

When you think of hair commercials, you tend to think of women swinging their lustrous locks around.

That’s what makes Amena Khan’s appearance in L’Oréal’s latest advertisement for its Elvive haircare line so unusual, because there’s not a hair in sight.

In fact, Amena wears a hijab, which makes her the first hijab-wearing woman to be featured in a major mainstream hair ad. Here’s everything you need to know about the beauty vlogger.

What’s her background?

Amena is from Leicester in England, where she lives with her husband and children. She’s Muslim and has been wearing a headscarf in public since her twenties.

She’s a YouTuber, best known for her beauty vlogging. Amena also counts herself as a businesswoman – she created her own company called Pearl Daisy, where she designs and creates Hoojabs (hooded hijabs) and accessories. Not content with stopping there, she also set up her own make-up line called Ardere Cosmetics, and a false eyelash brand called Lashionery.

On her YouTube channel she primarily gives make-up tutorials, but she also vlogs about fashion and her home life.

Has she worked with L’Oréal before?

Yes. Amena has previously been a face for their True Match foundation campaign. In this campaign she opened up about being bullied as a teenager for her acne, and how giving birth made her feel empowered.

What has she said about the latest campaign?

Amena being the first hijab-wearing model in a major hair advertisement is a huge step, and it certainly is a welcome change from all the adverts of women rubbing their hair and making suggestive noises.

The vlogger doesn’t want people to fall into the trap of thinking that women who wear hijabs don’t care about their hair. She says in the campaign: “Whether or not your hair’s on display doesn’t affect how much you care about it.”

Not only does she spend a lot of time at home with her hair uncovered, but she says her hair is important to her personally – whether or not someone else sees it. She told Vogue: “For me, my hair is an extension of my femininity. I love styling my hair, I love putting products in it, and I love it to smell nice. It’s an expression of who I am.”

Amena joins a whole host of people, including some famous faces like Cheryl, Neelam Gill and Dougie Poynter. The campaign is for L’Oréal Paris Elvive, which includes a range of products to suit different types of hair.

She said: “I trusted L’Oréal that they would communicate the message well. If the message is authentic and the voice behind it is authentic, you can’t deny what’s being said.”

Last year, the company’s first ever transgender model, Munroe Bergdorf, was controversially fired from L’Oréal after comments she made in the wake of events in Charlottesville.

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