Everyone’s talking about Joanne McNally’s ‘Baby Hater’ documentary

Last night, TV3 aired Baby Hater, a documentary in which Joanne McNally investigates whether motherhood is something she might ever contemplate.

The comedian is 80% sure she doesn’t children of her own and wanted to sit down and speak to women who share her view.

A view she believes doesn’t sit well with the general public, especially with women who believe that being a mother is their purpose in life - the same group of people who feel that people who don’t want kids are ‘baby haters’.

While researching the group of woman, known as ‘militant moms’, she also came across a group of mothers who openly regret have children.  

McNally chatted with several people from different ranges of the view spectrum; from Canadian Journalist, Gavin McInnes to Irish comedian Tara Flynn, each with their own unique view on the topic.

Viewers took to social media to praise the documentary after it aired.

This opened up the channels on the subject.

Watch the documentary in full here

By Anna O'Donoghue

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