Even this 4x4 was no match for Cork's icy roads

It seems the whole country had to endure terrible road conditions this morning.

A glance at the AA Roadwatch Twitter account will give you an idea of the traffic chaos that ensued on Ireland’s icy roads.

Cork was hit particularly badly hit - Glanmire resident Charlie Winkins uploaded a video to Facebook to give an example of just how bad the ice was.

It shows a very large 4x4 utterly failing to reach the top of a hill, even with the help of a winch!

You see the 4x4 make it close to the top of the hill in the Marwood area of Glanmire, but then spin in place and slide helplessly down the gradient.

If you can’t see the Facebook link, you can view it here.

Thankfully, conditions seemed to have improved, but the video should serve as a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be in the cold.

Stay safe and slow down out there folks!

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By Shaun Cronin

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