Even the hot weather won’t tempt Australians into eating Vegemite ice lollies

While you might be shivering underneath multiple layers of thermals and woollen jumpers right now, believe it or not, it’s actually summer in Australia.

As the temperatures are soaring Down Under, the divisive spread Vegemite thinks it has the perfect solution to the weather: its very own ice lolly.

If you’re not familiar with Vegemite, it’s essentially the Aussie equivalent of Marmite. Believe it or not, it’s actually stronger tasting too, as well as being a bit less runny in consistency. And FYI: icy poles is the Aussie term for ice lollies.

So imagine that you’re basking on a sunny beach somewhere in Australia, and you decide that you need something cool to help with the heat. Would you reach for an ice lolly that tastes something like Marmite?

Judging from the reactions of Australians on Twitter, the answer to this question is a resounding “no”.

Everyone knows that Australia can be a pretty ‘dangerous’ country, what with all the venomous spiders and deadly snakes knocking about. One Twitter user is so outraged by the creation of Vegemite ice lollies that they believe it joins these harmful ranks.

Another started speculating what bizarre combinations could be made next using Aussie delicacies and sweet treats.

Because now that Vegemite ice lollies exist, when will the madness stop?

Before you protest that this might be some kind of social media stunt to create buzz around the brand, it actually looks like these icy poles are the real deal. Vegemite has even gone so far as posting the recipe online.

If, for some reason, you are desperate to try it yourself (we’re not entirely sure why, particularly in this weather), luckily, Vegemite is available in most UK supermarkets. Now that would be an interesting treat to serve up on Christmas day…


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