Evelyn, 81, captures nation's heart on Ireland's Got Talent

Ireland's Got Talent got off to a great start tonight and introduced the world to a lovely lady from Dublin.

81-year-old Evelyn Williams from Tallaght took the stage in front of Louis Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Jason Byrne and Michelle Visage to sing her version of 'Send In The Clowns'.

Evelyn, who has been widowed for seven years, says she has always loved to sing.

"I love singing. I've sung all my life," she said.

Her beautiful performance received a standing ovation from the crowd and from all four judges before a deeply moved Michelle pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending Evelyn straight through to the semi-final.

"My husband would be very proud of me here tonight," Evelyn said. "I hope I deserved it."

Michelle said Evelyn's rendition of the song "killed me".

"There is such life in this woman," she said.

"She stood up here and commanded the stage better than anyone we've yet seen on this show. She's a storyteller.

"I'm not lucky enough to have my mother here with me on this journey, and then she stood here and she sang one of the most incredible Stephen Sondheim songs ever written, only meant to be sung by a woman this age who has lived a life and she sang it with love and that just killed me."

An emotional Evelyn said her own parents "would be very proud of me" before telling presenter Lucy Kennedy backstage: "I felt I could have sung better."

By Denise O’Donoghue

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