Employers are revealing the craziest things people have written on their CVs

Whether we’re an employer or an employee, we’ve all had to comb through a CV at least once … and some have even cheekily embellished theirs for a job.

Reddit user cityoftress asked people on the website for the most ridiculous things they’ve tried to get away with on their resume, and the answers are incredible.

Here are 12 of the best examples, that might have you rushing to re-write your own CV.

1. This person stretched the truth to breaking point.

2. You could even be too honest on your CV…

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3. This prospective employee had a lot of nerve!

4. This ridiculous head-shot.

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5. At least this resume made the boss laugh!

6. This crazy use of colour.

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7. This creative way of spinning video games.

8. A great responsibility.

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9. This unfortunate typo.

10. An incredible hobby was listed on this CV.

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11. Amazing if true.

12. Lastly, try to at least put your name on your CV…

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