Emmanuel Macron gives students the ultimate excuse for being late to class

Emmanuel Macron had a busy few days on his state visit to the USA, but he still had time to grab some selfies.

Between holding talks with US President Donald Trump and making speeches in Congress, the French President appeared to be stress-free and in good spirits.

The pictures were taken after a Q&A session with students from George Washington University, with whom he stood and took photos for 20 minutes, according to one.

“He was very warm and more than glad to shake hands and take selfies,” Jack Borowiak told the Press Association.

“After I took an individual selfie with him, Macron took the kid’s phone to the right of mine and he waited for the surrounding students to get in the frame.”

Jack said the picture reminded him of Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars selfie, which went viral in 2014, and there were many more selfies featuring Mr Macron’s grin popping up on social media.

“It was such a surreal experience,” said student Anahi Hurtado. “That morning I had read an article calling him the new leader of the free world and now I was holding his hand.

“It was extra special for me as well because last month I did a school programme in Paris and we mainly talked about Macron.”

French President Emmanuel Macron and Anahi (@AnahiHurtado_/Twitter)

Emmanuel Macron as he left the students (@AnahiHurtado_/Twitter)

“I think the main thing I can take from my experience from him yesterday was how accessible and willing he seemed,” said Anahi.

“I ended up being over an hour late to class but when I showed the picture to my professor I was quickly excused – totally worth it.”

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