Elsa from Frozen has bizarrely been portrayed as a meth addict in this anti-drugs campaign

When you think of postergirls for meth addiction, it’s unlikely that your mind would immediately spring to every child’s favourite Disney princess: Elsa from Frozen.

But that’s exactly who the Montana Meth Project (MMP) chose to front their campaign.

Yes, someone genuinely thought it was a good idea to paint Elsa as ravaged by meth and in handcuffs.

Even though Frozen isn’t mentioned, they even quote the (admittedly irritating) theme tune of the film – using “let it go” in relation to meth.

Definitely less catchy. Apparently, the artwork itself was done by a Montana teen.

On their website, the MMP says their “research-based messaging campaign – which graphically portrays the ravages of meth use through television, radio, billboards, and online ads – has gained nationwide attention for its uncompromising approach and demonstrated impact”.

That’s definitely one way of putting it – although we’re not sure what research was done to find out that poor Elsa was actually a meth-head.

As many people have pointed out, maybe Elsa’s castle of ice in the film was actually a cloaked metaphor for meth?

Given the ad wasn’t done in collaboration with Disney, we can’t help wondering if the MMP might run into a spot of legal difficulty. We can’t imagine Disney are best pleased by the dark path Elsa has taken.

As weird as the ad seems, the campaign might have actually worked.

According to indy100, the initiative coincided with a decline in teen meth use in several states. During the ad campaign’s lifetime in 2016, “meth use declined 63% in Montana, 65% in Arizona and 56% in Idaho”.

You can’t argue with that, but we wonder what anti-drugs organisations in the US will dream up next – Cinderella’s life ruined by smack instead of her ugly step-sisters?


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