Dublin college pranksters wrap everything in mate's bedroom in tinfoil!

A final year student at UCD came home to a revamp Dermot Bannon may or may not have been proud of recently.

Fergal Mc Phillips, went to Leeds for a football match Wednesday night and left his keys with his housemates Lauren and Fiona.

When he returned he found everything in his room to be individually wrapped with tinfoil.

Lauren and Fiona, both final year commerce students, studying with Fergal teamed up with Lauren's brother Mark to painstakingly wrap everything in Fergal's room in tinfoil, including the food in the fridge and some spare change lying around!

Fergal said: “It was actually my idea, Sunday night to tinfoil wrap everything in Lauren's room, but I didn't have any tinfoil.

“So when I went away for the day, Fiona told Lauren to do it to me!”

We wonder just how much tinfoil was needed to wrap up everything in his room!

Nothin like a good prank, kudos to Fergal for sending in the photos!

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By Roisin Burke

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