Dramatic video shows hurricane hunters flying straight into the eye of Matthew

While everyone is trying to stay away from Hurricane Matthew, a group of brave pilots are flying their planes right into it.

NOAA Hurricane Hunters, a special division of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, recently shared a video that showed their turbulent flight into Matthew’s eye.

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters – Timeline | Facebook

The footage, uploaded on their Facebook page, shows the aircraft shaking violently after Captain Tim Gallagher set off with his crew to assess the storm battering the state of Florida.

After flying with no visibility, the plane can be seen finally breaking through the wind into a calmer section.

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters play a crucial role in weather forecasting for dangerous storms.

The planes collect data on temperature, humidity, wind speeds and pressure – acting as flying meteorological stations.

Their goal is to determine where which direction the hurricanes are going and help people on the ground stay safe.


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