Donald Trump should probably watch out because a whole bunch of witches are casting a spell on him

We’ve seen a range of protests against the Trump administration in the past few months, from marches to boycotting certain department stores.

Now the witching community are getting involved and are planning a mass spell to bind Donald Trump.

So, what does it entail? The official Facebook page points us towards a Medium article to give us the skinny on the event.

What’s the point of the spell?

Despite what you might think, the spell isn’t designed to turn Trump into a newt or something like that. Instead, it just wants to prevent him from doing any harm.

It wants to ensure he won’t “usurp our liberty or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear or despair”.

When will it happen?

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At the stroke of midnight on Friday. The event is using the US Eastern timezone “because that is where Donald Trump lives/ works/plays/tweets/plots the breaking of our government and society”.

This will be the first mass binding of its kind, but there are many other dates in the diary for future spells.

What will you need for the spell?

Actually, quite a lot of stuff. You can see the full list here but make sure you’re armed with everything from an unflattering photo of Trump to a tiny stub of an orange candle.

How does it work?

Okay, we’re paraphrasing quite a complex spell massively here, but this is the general gist of it. Basically what you do is recite the spell (which has lots of classically witchy phrases like “demons of the infernal realms” and “so mote it be”) whilst burning the photo of Trump.

What happens next?

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After the spell you need to ground yourself (obvs – what else after a nice old spell?) You do this by “having a good, hearty laugh, jumping up and down, clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and having a bite to eat”. You then get rid of all your witchy paraphernalia and go about your day.

Does it work?

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Well, the organisers think so. They say “the burning of effigies, common to political protests, is considered a very simple but potent form of magic”.

What do Christians think of it all?

Many think Christians would be against this kind of magic, but the organisers disagree: “Actually, a large number of Christians are participating in this binding ritual. Many have altered the open-source spell to more closely fit their spiritual beliefs, and some are simply praying for an end to his terrible actions.”

However, the website Christian Nationalism denounces the ritual, calling it “blasphemy against God”. It also says: “This is a declaration of spiritual war and it requires a response.”