Dog helps her scared sister through the door every day and it’s adorable

Some pets can be frightened of the smallest things, as this video showing a dog who refuses to walk past a door proves.

Blogger Wesley Snyder revealed on Twitter that his little beagle pup is frightened of walking past the pantry door.

The scared beagle is seen sniffing and barking at the door, while her calm sister helps to guide her through every morning, demonstrating how it’s done.

Snyder then posted another video a day later, saying the pup was stuck at the door again, and that this happens “all the time”.

The dog’s sister tries to show her how to walk through the door again, but it seems that no amount of comfort or treats will help.

The adorable video has been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

Plenty of social media users have commented with their own pets’ little quirks, including a cat with a fear of the ceiling fan.

Hopefully with a lot of encouragement and treats, this scared pup will finally defeat her biggest fear.

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