Do you speak fluent ‘Kerry’? 60% of people cannot understand what this man is saying

By Anna O'Donoghue

Ah, the Kerry twang.

Made famous by the Healy-Rae’s, it’s a lit like no other and similar to other counties, the further south you go, the stronger it gets.

And to keep it alive and kicking, comedian Bernard Casey from the fishing village of Portmagee has been promoting the ‘language’ in his hilarious ‘local gossip’ videos on Facebook.

Although the short clips have already been viewed over 10K times, there’s one problem, a lot of people (mostly outside Munster) can’t actually understand what he is saying.

Did you catch that?

For those of you wondering, here’s the transcription in full:

“There’s a brother of Joe Sheehan's coming home from England, they’re not sure now, but rumour has it that he’s going to be opening the Ringside Restaurant.

He’ll be opening the Ringside Restuarant in a couple of weeks. Didn’t he have a bar over in England for a while? They say he did anyway.

Ah Christ, the Skellig boat drivers are going stone mad as they will not be going out for another fortnight.

They will not be going out at all as the OPW (The Office of Public Works) are keeping them closed down.

It’s tough racket, you can’t make any bit of business around the place now with those environmentalists, they’re supposed to be shutting the place down.

They’re stopping the crowd now with the bees, you can’t use certain types of pesticides now because the said you’d kill the bees.

Jesus Christ, they’re gone stone mad altogether, away with the fairies.

Ah, long ago it was the humans that were the bane before that, the bees.

God almighty”

The Kerryman also completed the Ring Of Kerry cycle for charity earlier this month and documented his journey through the various towns.

Lucky for some people, he's inserted subtitles per location.

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