Do you know these four 'Cork' boys from the 80s?

By Anna O'Donoghue

In 1984, Pamela Clare Charlestown visited Cork and its surrounding areas researching her grandmother's roots as part of a school trip.

During the trip, she met four local boys who wanted to know if she was from the United States and wanted to hear her American accent.

They were curious, sweet, gregarious, a little mischievous, and chock full of cuteness

They begged her to take their photograph and here is how they posed.

Over the weekend, she posted the photograph on Facebook in a bid to find out what became of them.

That was 35 years ago! I have often thought about those little boys over the decades and wondered. I would like to know they went off to live wonderful lives and are healthy and happy.

She went on to say that the photo completely captured how she remembered their personalities and would love to know their names and maybe ask them to recreate the photo is possible.

All I know is that they would be in their early 40's now and they were living in Cork in 1984. Will you help me find them?

And with that, she was granted the power of social media.


With some eagle-eye investigating and over 2.2K shares, it turns out that the photo was actually taken on the main street of Cashel, Co. Tipperary.


"The boys may have been located, with a bit of an unexpected twist," she wrote on Facebook.

She promised that she would share more information once she clarifies information and secures more contacts.

A huge thank you to the people of Co. Cork and beyond! Your spirit and encouragement has been fabulous

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