Diver searching for golf balls bitten by 'gator - again

American Stephen Martinez earns his living searching for golf balls and it's a lot more dangerous than it sounds.

On Wednesday the diver was working at Bonaventure Country Club in Weston, Florida. He was submerged in a lake near the second hole when he was attacked.

"About an hour and a half into my diving, (a) gator snapped onto my left arm," Martinez said.

He yelled for help and managed to shake the nearly nine-foot-long animal off. He was left with deep gashes but the heavy wet-suit he wore prevented more serious injury and the alligator was successfully trapped.

Amazingly this is not the diver’s first brush with a 'gator; he was previously attacked at a different golf course back in 2006.

It didn’t stop him then and he says it won’t stop him this time either.

"I don't know if it's the thrill of the chase or just my job but it's great exercise," said Martinez. "I'll do it again."

Golf-ball diving is not as unusual as you might think, in June we told you about an advertisement for a scuba-diver to do the same job here in Ireland.

If you think the profession sounds good you can get some tips from the experts on Back9Network’s new reality show, ‘Ball Hogs’.

Hat tip: Fox Sports

By Grainne McGuinness

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