Did you feel sorry for Victor on tonight's episode of Don't Tell the Bride?

The new series of Don't Tell the Bride continued tonight as we saw Cork man Brendan marry Mexican Victor, writes Sally Gorman.

Clonakility native Brendan managed to give his beau a wedding he never dreamed of.

The Harry Potter fanatic decided to go full steam ahead with a Hogwarts themed wedding despite the fact that partner Victor doesn't even like Harry Potter - never seen the films, never read the books.

Oh dear.

Victor's dream destination, Martinstown House, was a far cry from Brendán's choice - the Clonakility Railway Village.

Poor Victor never stood a chance against Harry Potter did he?

Trendy Victor has worked in retail for years and cares very much about his appearance, last thing he expected was to turn up on his big day wearing a bloody Gryffindor cloak and geeky glasses.

Talk about the Deathly Hallows!

Brendan took a mad notion to have an owl deliver the boys wedding rings.

Swapping snowy owl Hegwig for barn owl Oliver was risky business but thankfully it played out well in the end.

At one point, it looked like Victor wasn't going to show up to his own wedding day but could you really blame him?

His invitation was on a piece of cardboard and the highlight of his hen do was a knitting lesson.

Bad to worse eh?

Brendan appeared to be in the bad books for the most of this episode...

...but he redeemed himself once Victor walked up that aisle.

One thing's for sure, this episode definitely got Twitter talking, here's some of the best reactions.

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