Daddy photobombs daughter's Santa picture in surprise homecoming

Christmas - it's all about the people you love.

That truth's not lost on this four-year-old girl, whose dearest wish is to have her daddy home from the army for Christmas.

So daddy plans a gorgeous surprise for her - he photobombs her Santa picture and she only realises he's home when she runs over to the monitor to see the picture that's just been taken.

"Who's that in the picture, sweetie?"


Yes, it sure is.

Nicely done daddy - and your rewards are huge when your delighted little daughter hugs you like she's NEVER letting go.

The clip was uploaded by daddy's sister Kayla Hutchens, who says: "My niece got the biggest Christmas surprise when she saw her daddy in her photos with Santa!! What a special moment!!!"

By Jill O'Sullivan

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